UA Contactor/ Fuse Base/ Fuse Link/ Reator

UA Contactor/ Fuse Base/ Fuse Link/ Reator


UA Contactor
Capacitor switching application leads to very high current peak at capacitor energization. UA..RA contactors are designed with damping resistor to handle current peaks without limitation.


Product benefits

  • Widest contactor range on the market up to 80 Kvar.
  • Reliable in capacitor switching demanding application.
  • Easy selection with CAPCAL software.


Fuse Base/ Fuse Link
ABB offers a full range of DIN-type HRC-fuse links from 2 to 1600 Amperes, 500 V and 690 V. Fuses have very high limiting capability, clearing faults rapidly at different voltage and short circuit levels. There is no emission of gases after a short circuit occurs. Fuses can be replaced easily, quickly and provide selective coordination. When a fault occurs only the affected part of the network is isolated, while the rest of the network is functional.  We offer products with an integrated fuse monitoring function and separate fuse monitoring devices. The Fuse bases are also produced in a high protection and reliable operation. Fuse switch disconnectors can be padlocked in closed and open positions.Thanks to a functional and modern design, operation is easy and smooth.


The reator is designed to operate continually at a network voltage equals to U n with a current load of l th at T max and maintain sufficient safety margin to hot spot temperatures of its insulation while dissipating losses not exceeding P max.

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