Capacitor CLMD

Capacitor CLMD


The CLMD capacitor family includes the following capacitor types: CLMD43, CLMD53, CLMD63, CLMD83. Low-voltage capacitor units CLMD are used in industrial and commercial installations.

  • Reducing or eliminating expensive utility penalties for low power factor.
  • Reducing power losses in cables and transformers.
  • Increasing power transmission capacity in cables.
  • Increasing available transformer capacity.
  • Improving voltage stabilization in long cables.


Why Capacitor ABB?

The low-voltage dry capacitor CLMD offer customers best-in- class reliability, flexibility and peace of mind, thanks to:

  • Dry type design.
  • Unique sequential protection system.
  • ABB in-house metallized film giving excellent dielectric properties.
  • Heavy-duty enclosure.
  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • Comprehensive range
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Complies with international standards, CE marked.
  • Environment friendly
  • Very low losses