Power Meter, M1M30

Power Meter : M1M 30


Power Meter : M1M 30 is a power meter providing complete features in terms of power quality analysis such as measurement up to 40th harmonic and internal memory for data logging, allowing to target e.g. demand management applications.


  • Intuitive visualization
    Clear visualization of the measurements with self-guided menus on the bright backlit LCD displays.


  • Compact design
    Only 65mm inside the switchboard to ensure optimized logistics and reduced footprint in the panel.


  • Manual-less configuration
    Guided wizard for first commissioning helping to save time for the basic configuration.


  • Power quality measurement
    Complete set of power quality features according to IEC 61557-12, including main KPIs and datalogger functionality on flash memory.


  • Remote measurement
    Availability of Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP communication protocols and I/O options for easy integration in any system.