Power Meter, M1M12

Power Meter : M1M 12


Power Meter : M1M 12 is a multi-function meter for complete electrical system monitoring, providing the measurement of: Active Energy, Active Power, Power Factor, Voltage, Current, Frequency, On Hours and Load Hours


Simple to use
• Intuitive visualization of the 3 phase parameters
on the bright LED display.
• Enhanced clarity in data reading and device


Easy choice
• Only 3 product codes to cover
the main measurement requirements.
• Maximum 2 steps to select the correct product
for your application.


Easy to install and stock
• Compact product design and optimized volumetric
weight of packaging.
• No tools required for product mounting thanks
to mounting clips.


System integration
• Remote monitoring in any Modbus RTU supervision
system thanks to the optional RS485 port for M1M 12.
• Quick system integration thanks to basic
communication protocol map.