M2M Network Analyzers Meter


( M2M Power Meter ) Energy efficiency, minimized costs and high system availability represent now three central aspects of system management. To achieve them it is necessary to know when, where and how power and energy is consumed. This is why measuring and monitoring the principal electrical parameters of the network is becoming increasingly more and more important. ABB measurement devices range of System pro M  compact® includes a comprehensive and specialist offers of front panel and DIN-Rail devices (network analyzers, analogue and digital voltmeters, ammeters and frequency meters) designed for every type of civil, commercial and industrial applications, which allow effective measurement of the main single-phase or three-phase electrical parameters. The offer is completed with a wide range of accessories: current and voltage transformers, shunt, converters of bus communication.


Main benefits

  • Complete range of network analyser and multifunctional meters. It is always possible to select the most specific device for any kind of application.
  • Wide range of accessories, which allow installing ABB measurement devices in a vast range of applications.
  • Compact design of both front panel (reduced depth) and DIN rail devices for space optimization in the switchboard.


Main features

  • TRMS measurement of all the main electrical parameters.
  • Limitless communication: all the information measured by network analyser, multifunctional and energy meters can be transmitted quickly to remote locations through the most widespread communication protocols.
  • Advanced functionalities like max demand calculation, THD, harmonics, peak monitoring, all available for in-depth and complete energy efficiency analysis of the system.

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