Controller “RVC”


The PF controller is one of the most important components of the PF correction equipment. As such, it plays a key role in the control and monitoring of the cos φ (power factor) and the system power quality.


ABB offers the most powerful, complete and user-friendly range of PF controllers. Thanks to the user interface upgrade with graphical icons, it is possible to commission the RVC controller without a manual. A slimmer casing requires less space in the capacitor bank panel. The ABB RVC retains all its widely-accepted functionalities and continue to deliver an easy to install, easy to use and smarter power factor controller to the


Controller “RVT”


The RVT touch screen offers power factor control, measurements, monitoring and communication in a user-friendly fashion. The RVT controllers can be used to control power factor in industrial and commercial networks. Application examples include power factor control in buildings, mining steel industry, chemical, pulp and paper, cement, plastics, printing and food industries.

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